Free bags customization.

On our leather products we provide a free customization service. This service consists of a hot embossing procedure on the purchased product of a chosen text of maximum 15 characters (spaces and punctuation included).
It is possible to emboss a complete name + surname or either your initials only and any piece text you may want.
The customized products will be dispatched with the same timings of any other non-customized product.

How can I request a customization?

Requesting a customization of a product is very simple: on the product details page (before adding it into the cart), at the bottom of the page you will find the customization section. You will only need to digit the text you want on your bag and click on the "save" button. It is very important to fill this space and save the process before adding the item to the cart, otherwise your request will not be visible on your order.

You are going to find the detailed request in your cart, before proceeding to the payment.

* not all the products are customizable because some types of leather have characteristics unsuitable for being hot embossed. You will therefore find the customization availability only when leather is suitable for undergoing the hot embossing treatment.
According to the returns conditions published on our website, we remind you that customized products cannot be returned.